What is Child Protection?

Adult Leadership to Promote the Safety and Best Interests of Children and Teens

Hal-coaching-fenceWe are defining “Child Protection” to mean promoting the safety and well-being of children and teens — through adult awareness, advocacy, and intervention on their behalf and through preparing young people to take charge of their own lives as they play, learn, love, and grow.


Child Protection requires that adult leaders decide to:

  1. Prevent and stop child maltreatment including bullying, molestation, exploitation, abduction, assault, neglect, and other harm.
  2. Advocate for positive child development policies, practices, and education with families, schools, youth-serving organizations, and professional groups.
  3. Provide kids and their adults with knowledge, skills, and experiences so they learn how to stay safe, act wisely, and believe in their own power and importance.

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