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When you advocate for Kidpower, you are helping others to protect children from harm, take charge of their own safety, become better communicators, and develop stronger relationships.

Tell 2 people a day how the Kidpower Method can stop most bullying, violence and abuse by empowering children, teens, and adults with skills and knowledge rather than by creating anxiety or fear. Recommend Kidpower articles, books, and services through your social networks and newsletters in your school, organization, or company. Watch our inspiring five-minute One Million Safer Kids video and share it with others.

Victor Cheng – A Powerful Advocate, Advisor, and Supporter

Kidpower Featured Supporter Victor Cheng

For many years, advisor Victor Cheng, who is the author of The Recession-Proof Business and Extreme Revenue Growth, has donated priceless business consultation to Kidpower through his company Thanks to his expertise, we are doing a far more effective job of telling our story and of marketing our organization, resulting in increased safety and confidence for hundreds of thousands of young people. Through Victor’s guidance, we have initiated projects that have greatly increased our reach, such as our One Million Safer Kids campaign.

Victor is also a strong Kidpower supporter, who has created a unique way of bringing new resources for our organization. Hundreds of MBAs have found excellent career opportunities thanks to help from Victor’s free six-hour case interview workshop on his website. In the introduction, Victor provides a compelling testimonial about Kidpower and asks that people who have found the free case interview workshop to be of benefit make a donation to Kidpower of $47 or more. As a result, Kidpower has received donations of $47, $50, $100, $250, and $500 from successful job hunters from all over the world. Their gifts have added up to many thousands of dollars towards bringing Kidpower skills to everyone, everywhere.