Kidpower Partners in Protection

Leading by Example!

Our partners and individuals around the world are using Kidpower resources to help educate and inspire adults to take positive, powerful action to keep kids safe. Click the links below to check out what each of our major organizational partners is doing to be Child Protection Advocates!

In addition to 30 Kidpower centers, offices and providers around the world and their local partners, some of our organizational partners include:

MyGym teaches Kidpower Safety Minutes to thousands of children every week through their centers.

As we looked for a nonprofit partner in bullying prevention, Kidpower stood head and shoulders above other programs because of its positive, powerful, and effective resources! Their values of empowerment, safety, and fun are consistent with our own values at LEGOLAND. We are excited about the Kidpower safety skills we are bringing to over 1,000 children during our NINJAGO days – and about continuing to partner with Kidpower to promote child safety and protection in the future.

Brooke Dolan

Marketing & Sales Executive, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago

This Sheriff’s Department includes Kidpower lessons in their safety program for second graders throughout the county.

We are grateful to Kidpower for offering its extensive expertise in child protection to help PCA take a proactive educational approach in the wake of high-profile allegations of child abuse in youth sports. PCA and the people we serve have benefited greatly from Kidpower’s extensive experience and carefully developed resources.

Jim Thompson

Founder, Positive Coaching Alliance

Our children’s dreams build the future. Kidpower promotes, teaches, and helps empower our children to be safe and dream high. We at the Special Need Children Center Foundation are excited and proud to team up with such outstanding organization. Go, Kidpower!

Zia Oboodiyat

Founder and CEO, Special Need Children Center Foundation

We are deeply appreciative of our partnership with Kidpower, and their support in providing training and curriculum for our second grade safety program. Teachers report that the Kidpower stories and skills provide beneficial tools that children can use throughout their lives, clear language for how to talk about problems with their parents and teachers, and practical dialogue and actions they rehearse so that they know how to make safe choices in different situations!

Kary Bisagno

Community Service Officer, Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office

We greatly appreciate Kidpower’s consultation on our #Day1 Declaration, Upstander Pledge, and elementary materials for schools. We also want to acknowledge the important work Kidpower does teaching people physical and emotional safety skills that will help them become Upstanders who apply these positive values to themselves and others in their daily lives.


Sean Kosofsky

Former Executive Director, Tyler Clementi Foundation

I work with families raising children who are deaf or hard of hearing and who face higher rates of victimization than typically-hearing kids. Through our partnership with Kidpower, we now share information with each new family we meet about prevention strategies they can use with babies to teens. I can’t recommend this organization enough in its wise and calm approach to helping all kids develop the life-long ability to set boundaries, to listen to their own intuition, and to put safety first. Our parents say they are grateful for Kidpower’s resources, and so are we.

Sara Kennedy

Program Director, Hands and Voices

We commit that throughout each year, we will work in partnership with those who share our commitment and values to:

  • Support adult leadership in promoting the safety and best interests of the children and teens in their lives.
  • Provide educational resources for how to carry out simple positive actions to empower caring adults, and the children and teens in their lives, to take charge of their well-being and Put Safety First.

If you would like to be a Kidpower Partner in Protection, please contact us at