LEGOLAND Discovery Centers in Chicago and Philadelphia have joined forces with Kidpower for their NINJAGO events – with a goal of helping more than 2,000 kids learn safety skills, take the Pledge, and find their unique ways to prevent and stop bullying in their schools.

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As we looked for a nonprofit partner in bullying prevention, Kidpower stood head and shoulders above other programs because of its positive, powerful, and effective resources! Their values of empowerment, safety, and fun are consistent with our own values at LEGOLAND. We are excited about the Kidpower safety skills we are bringing to over 1,000 children during our NINJAGO days – and about continuing to partner with Kidpower to promote child safety and protection in the future!”

Brooke Dolan

Marketing & Sales Executive, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago

Here at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia we are proud to have partnered up with Kidpower. Tarra and MJ along with Lloyd practiced Kidpower techniques with over 1000 children and their families here at our attraction, teaching them how to be safe and have healthy relationships with people in their lives. LEGOLAND is excited to continue this partnership as a “Partner in Protection” sharing values of empowerment, safety, and fun.”

Susan Harter

Marketing Diretor, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia

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Take the Anti-Bullying Pledge

3 of our Kidpower Centers sent teams to NINJAGO Events to teach Bullying Prevention and Safety skills to more than 2,000 kids and their families – in Chicago and Philadelphia!

Since 1992, Kidpower Chicago has been teaching bullying, abuse, and kidnapping prevention skills throughout the Great Lakes area. Learn More.

Kidpower North Carolina sent team members to both Chicago and Philadelphia to support this initiative! Learn More about local and regional workshops and events from this center!

Kidpower Pennsylvania provides comprehensive safety education skills to children ages 3-18 and their families. Learn More.

Photos from the Live Kidpower @ NINJAGO Events in Chicago and Philadelphia!