D.C. Self Defense Karate Association

D.C. Self Defense Karate Association LogoD.C. Self Defense Karate Association is an exceptional martial arts school serving all ages and abilities in Washington DC. This school is founded and led by Grandmaster Carol Middleton, a Co-Founder of the National Women’s Martial Federation and of Impact International. A self-defense specialist since 1971, Carol is also a Kidpower Advisor, Instructor, and Supporter since 1989.

During September, instructors at the school will all make the Kidpower Put Safety First Commitment and encourage all our parents to do the same. We will discuss the Kidpower Protection Promise with all our 500 students. We will send out information about this important event and the resources supporting adult leadership in keeping kids safe through our newsletter and social media of the school as well as to the newsletters and social networks of the martial arts organizations and networks where we are members.


Grandmaster Middleton discussing the Kidpower Put Safety First Commitment with some of her martial arts students.