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lps_logoLittle Pickle Stories is dedicated to creating media and products that foster kindness in young people—and doing so in a manner congruent with that mission.

Named Independent Publisher of the Year by Foreword Reviews, Little Pickle Stories creates distinctive books that educate, entertain, and empower children and their grown-ups by addressing safety issues, including bullying and abuse, in an engaging, respectful, and accessible manner. kidpower-comics-series-collage-350h

Little Pickle Stories has partnered with Kidpower International on 3 Safety Comics that offer People Safety Skills for Kids, Tweens, as well as Teens & Adults, and together they have released the free downloadable “What’s Your Safety Power?” Lesson Plan and Worksheets:

Announcing our newest Lesson Plan and Worksheets that help kids answer the question:


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Little Pickle Stories will also highlight International Child Protection Month – exploring relevant themes on its blog, giving away helpful resources, and amplifying the messages to tens of thousands of parents and educators through social media.

The team at Little Pickle Stories Makes the Kidpower Protection Promise

+ A Fundraiser for International Child Protection Month!

As a fundraiser and in honor of International Child Protection Advocacy, Little Pickle Stories will donate to Kidpower 25% of any sales from their website of their other wonderful books with the code: KidpowerSafe

Please note this offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.