Positive Parenting Solutions

Amy-McCready's Positive Parenting LogoFor more than ten years, Positive Parenting Solutions founder, parenting educator, best-selling author, and TODAY Show contributor, Amy McCready has been developing and teaching the tools, mindsets, and strategies that have helped more than 60,000 parents in over 20 countries, and 6 continents transform their homes from chaos to calm. She’s helped them stop yelling, and start living the life they imagined. She’s taught skills to raise capable, independent, resilient and respectful children, WITHOUT raised voices or giving in to guilt.

As an International Child Protection Month partner, Positive Parenting Solutions will be sharing the Kidpower Protection Promise and the Seven Strategies for Keeping Our Kids Safe with its online community of over 250,000 people – as well as hosting two webinars and a conference call about protecting kids from bullying at school, in their family, and in their community with Kidpower International founder and executive director Irene van der Zande.