Organize A Workshop

Steps for Setting Up a Workshop

Many people organize workshops for their families and friends, schools, organizations, and companies. We’ll tailor the content so it fits your needs, your participants, and your budget. For nonprofit groups, we can also help you find out about grants or donations to help cover the cost.

First, read through the list of workshops below and select the kind of workshop you are most interested in hosting. Then:

  1. Pick a date.
  2. Find a location.
  3. Arrange for fees, grants, or donations to cover costs.
  4. Sign-up your friends, family, school, club, work or other group members.
  5. The workshop happens!

The organizer is responsible for space, parking, photocopying, refreshments, registration, sound systems for larger groups, and other logistics.  For a program two hours or more away from an existing Center or office, there will be an extra expense for travel. We’ll answer your questions every step of the way!

If you would like to learn more about options and logistics in order to organize a workshop tailored for your own group’s needs in California, please email our Private Workshop Coordinator, Ellen Frankel, or phone her at 1 (510) 682-6928.

For information on organizing a workshop outside of California, please read the information below and contact so that we can put you in touch with the nearest instructor who is qualified to teach the services you wish to organize.

What kind of workshop meets your needs?

These are some of our most popular workshops. We can help you tailor a workshop to meet your needs. You can also click the links below to go straight to that workshop description.

Parent-Caregiver Child Protection Workshop – 2 hours – Unlimited participants

Adults learn how to use the Kidpower Child Protection approach for keeping their kids safe and for helping their children learn and develop age-appropriate People Safety skills. Your class can focus on any age range, infancy to teen. Participants practice ways to foster the skills through upbeat, experiential practice without using fear as a motivator.

Starting Strong Workshop for 3-5 year-olds with their adults – 50 minutes

Parents and other caregivers practice People Safety Skills with their young children. Storytelling, puppets and interactive role plays introduce simple but powerful skills to handle unkind words, check first before touching something unsafe, move away from someone doing unsafe things such as throwing sand or playing too roughly, and get help from their adults effectively, even when they are busy.

Parent-Child Workshop for 5 to 10 year-olds – 2 hours – 20 children accompanied by parents (15 children recommended if the group includes children under six)

Our instructor leads children together with their parents/caregivers in practicing age-appropriate People Safety skills together. Concepts are introduced through stories, games, and role-plays, then adults and children are coached in practicing on their own. Age ranges can be 5-8 or 6-12. Sessions can be after school, weekend, or evening.

Teenpower or Fullpower Personal Safety Workshops For Teens or Adults – 2 hours – any size

This program provides vivid demonstrations and many opportunities to practice how to stay safe with people and take charge of your well being in difficult or dangerous situations at school, at work, at home, and in your community. Workshops are tailored for the specific needs of the group, with topics such as boundary-setting, workplace safety, positive communication,  bullying prevention through positive peer relationships,  violence prevention strategies, etc.

Classroom/Afterschool Workshop – 1-6 hours – 35 students at a time (Service hours can be divided between classes at the same location)

Students any grade K-12, along with their teachers, practice age-appropriate People Safety skills for being safe with strangers, peers, and other people they know. Parents are welcomed, and each class can work with the Kidpower instructor for up to two hours. Costs reflect the time the instructor is on-site, but the time can be divided between classes at the same site. This structure works well for camps and other agencies as well.

School Assembly Programs – 4 grade-level sessions in 2-3 hours

Our dynamic, thirty-minute assembly programs introduce larger groups of children, together with teachers and parents, some powerful People Safety skills they can use to be safer on the playground, online, and in their neighborhoods.

On-Site “Field Trip”: Adults, Kids, & Materials, All-In-One Event! – 2-3 hours
35 children accompanied by teachers and parent ‘field trip volunteers’ – Cost includes Kidpower Safety Comics for each child as well as follow-up with teachers & participating volunteers.

For grades K-4, this program offers in-depth practice supported by parent volunteers from the class receiving in-the-moment coaching to lead students in trying the skills. Similar to the classroom program, this also includes opportunities for one-on-one practice. Hours can be divided to include parent education time as well as classroom time. Kidpower Safety Comics are included in the cost; teachers can use these for ongoing learning or homework, and families can use them at home.

Staff Training: Introductory Level – 2-3 hours – Unlimited participants – Kidpower Comics & Teaching Kits optional

Teachers, childcare providers, counselors, and other professionals learn direct applications of People Safety skills relevant to their own specific work situation. Participants learn applications of skills to improve students’ People Safety skill competency as well applications to support a safe, positive learning environment. Trainings are available for professionals working with young people as well as for professionals serving adult populations.

Staff Training: Comprehensive 2 two-hour sessions with optional on-the-job mentoring

Participants learn,activities and skills, we support with materials and optional on-the-job, one-on-one support in addition to the group sessions. Our goal is to build each participant’s confidence in their own ability to introduce, coach, and tailor core Kidpower skills independently with their own students. We offer guidance in adapting and applying skills for new or job-specific situations.

Full Force Workshops

Full Force workshops include practice of the skills students would learn in an age-appropriate classroom or workplace workshop, but they also include the opportunity to practice full-force self-defense techniques team-taught by an instructor who wears head-to-toe protective equipment and a coach.

Kidpower Weekend Family Workshops

This unique, comprehensive learning experience for children 6-14 spans three days, starting with a Parent-Caregiver Workshop. During the 2 four-hour weekend sessions we create personalized role-plays in which children experiences success using their awareness and boundary-setting skills in age-appropriate situations. The Full Force self-defense practice builds children’s belief in their ability to be powerful while increasing their understanding that fighting is always the last resort.

This workshop can accommodate up to 15 children.

Kidpower Parent-Child Full Force Workshops

In this workshop, children together with their parents learn the skills included in our Parent-Child Workshop and then have an opportunity to practice physical self-defense skills as well. Children work with the full-force instructor to practice hitting and kicking, and the adults cheer for their kids!

This workshop can accommodate up to 15 children.

Teenpower Full Force Workshops

In this upbeat five-hour program, teens learn and practice skills for dealing with verbal attack, peer pressure, and harassment as well as assaults from strangers and acquaintances. Students also practice Full Force self-defense with the head-to-toe padded instructor. For students under 18, parental permission is required.

This workshop can accommodate up to 15 teens, ages 13 to 18.

Fullpower Full Force Workshops

Our introductory three-to-four hour program gives adult students the opportunity to practice taking powerful and effective action in the face of danger. Students learn and practice how to de-escalate a threatening verbal assault as well as how to use Full Force self-defense skills to fight off a potential attacker. We also offer advanced workshops to practice self defense on the ground, against weapons, and against multiple attackers.

This workshop can accommodate up to 15 adult students.

Traveling Instructors

Kidpower instructors lead comprehensive learning experiences with skill, compassion, and humor. If you live far from a Center but want this training, please email! We look forward to exploring what arrangement could work for your group and for Kidpower.

Comments from Past Workshop Organizers

“By organizing the Teenpower class, we were able to make this experience happen not only for our daughter but also for so many of her friends. In addition to getting individual skills, they learned skills and language for setting up safety plans with each other when they go out together.”

“We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace, but our employees sometimes worry about their safety arriving early or staying late. By organizing a Fullpower class for our employees, we were able to take positive action to address their concerns.”

“We first worked with Kidpower after a couple of concerning incidents that left our teachers, aides, and family service workers concerned for their own safety. The Fullpower adult program helped our staff learn how to protect themselves from possible danger and how to de-escalate confrontations.” Cynthia Yao, Family Services Manager, Institute for Human and Social Development

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