Heroes Wanted!

Heroes Wanted! – Full Force Self-Defense Padded Instructors Needed in Greater SF Bay/Monterey Bay areas

We’re looking for people in the greater San Francisco/South Bay/East Bay/Monterey Bay areas who would fall in love with the opportunity to train as a Full Force Instructor.

Do you know someone who might be interested?

Kids learn best when they feel safe and calm.

Full Force Instructors are sometimes referred to as “the padded people.” They wear the suits and give students the opportunity to hit and kick with their full power so they can be successful in practicing how to protect themselves.

One of the fastest ways to empower people is to give them an opportunity to take a self-defense workshop that includes actual practice of physical techniques on a Full Force Instructor wearing a head-to-toe padded suit with the support of a Coaching Instructor.

Being willing to be hit and kicked in order to empower people is unusual work, and if you’ve ever worked directly with Liam, Mike, Ryan, or any other Full Force Instructor, you know that those who do this work have a combination of qualities that is hard to find.

Mike is a drummer; Liam is a personal trainer; Ryan is a real estate agent who surfs when he can! Other Full Force Instructors are also doctors, police officers, teachers, gymnastics teachers, corporate managers, and computer programmers.  A person’s vocation is NOT related to success as a Full Force Instructor!

We are seeking local applicants for our instructor training program who would be interested in learning to take on the Full Force Instructor role with Kidpower in our area.

Do you know an adult who:

  • Projects confidence and also a sense of ease, seeming happy with himself or herself
  • Tends to be easygoing and upbeat, even when life gets difficult
  • Enjoys meeting and being with people from many walks of life
  • Often sees the good in others and sees potential in challenging situations
  • Sets good personal boundaries while also projecting warmth and friendliness
  • Enjoys physical activity and is in good physical health
  • Shows caring and thoughtfulness, especially in situations involving children or people who might be vulnerable to mistreatment
  • Values training, personal growth, and community

An unusual way to empower others!

If you know people with these qualities, please tell them about this opportunity with Kidpower! People around the world will becoming to Santa Cruz in January to participate in our international training program. Because they can apply the skills learned to many different parts of their lives and will only become instructors with us if it is a good fit on both sides, training candidates pay a fee to help cover part of the cost in offering the training. However, we can help local candidates to work out plans for covering the fee.

This is not a regular paid job, and instructors in many communities outside of our area volunteer their teaching. However, in our area, once someone is fully trained, we can offer opportunities to teach workshops on a paid basis. Also, for qualified local candidates, we supply the Full Force padded suit for their use when they are training and working with Kidpower.

Because our workshops are short and usually on weekends or evenings, Full Force Instructors can do other paid work full time. Training with Kidpower can lead to an opportunity to supplement their income but, more importantly, adds to their quality of life and their sense of giving something unique to help people feel safe, confident, and happier in their everyday lives.

You are in a perfect position to spot people in your community for whom this would be an amazing opportunity. If so, please build a bridge between that person and Kidpower — you can put them in touch with us, or you can contact us to get ideas for talking about this in ways that are inspiring and flattering.

Remember, even it doesn’t turn out to be a good fit, most people appreciate hearing someone say, “I know this really great training program and cause involving really great people, and I thought of you!”  We also need Coaching and Everyday Safety instructors who do not wear a padded suit, so please pass this information on to someone who you think might be a good fit for this role as well.

Kidpower California Program Director Erika Leonard will be happy to talk with you or with someone who might be interested. You can reach her on her cell phone at 510-334-2242 or at erika@kidpower.org.