Qualifications for Instructor Training Applicants

We are looking for caring individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of others through teaching them our program. We work hard to uphold the highest quality standards in our workshops and as an organization. Instructors provide an extremely valuable service to their students and their communities.

People who want to become Kidpower instructors have a genuine interest in teaching people how to protect themselves from emotional and physical violence and abuse and helping them to build strong emotional-social skills in an empowering, effective way. They are ready to make a long-term commitment to being part of our organization.

“Seeing the empowerment of our students and hearing their stories of how our work has helped long after the class is deeply rewarding.”

From a school teacher

The most important qualities for being a successful instructor with our organization are having a good heart, a good head, respect for boundaries, a deep commitment to grow, the ability to learn, and a passion to making a difference in the world through this work.

Potential instructors also must be:

  • In good enough physical and emotional health to be able to do this work safely and well
  • Able to take feedback and suggestions for improvement in the moment
  • Extremely reliable and have a reliable form of transportation
  • Able to speak in front of groups of people
  • Able to work with a large variety of different groups of the kinds they will be teaching (e.g.. children, teens, adults, people with disabilities, and/or people from different life situations and backgrounds) and in many different environments (e.g. schools, residential facilities, senior centers)
  • Able to acknowledge and learn from mistakes
  • Committed to upholding extremely high quality program and safety standards
  • Able to acknowledge and appreciate another person’s point of view
  • Able to take responsibility for one’s own actions and triggers
  • Able to work well individually, with a partner, and as a team
  • Able to take initiative
  • Committed to upholding our Mission, Goals, Values and Best Practice
  • Committed to learning and growing with Kidpower

Experience That Is Helpful But Not Required:

  • Previous teaching or coaching experience
  • Previous experience working with a non-profit organization
  • Previous experience learning or teaching self-protection, self-confidence and/or martial arts skills