Seniors Services for Seniors

We are never too old to learn how to take charge of our safety!

Seniorpower for Older People

As we age, life changes might lead to challenges from mobility, health, and loss of loved ones. We need new ways to feel safe while continuing to live life to its fullest. Seniorpower prepares older adults to use their power to take charge of their emotional and physical safety in contexts that are relevant to their lives.

What skills do seniors learn?

Knowing a few basic safety skills can increase your safety and your quality of life.

  • Acting aware and confident
  • Learning how to avoid being targeted as a victim
  • Setting and protecting boundaries clearly, firmly, and politely
  • Learning how to use the voice and body in threatening circumstances
  • Addressing worries about safety during a home invasion
  • Learning physical self defense skills appropriate for this group

How do we practice these skills?

We practice through role-plays using these skills to address issues that are relevant to the needs of elderly people, such as:

  • Thinking first when people come to your door
  • Self-advocacy when you are having health problems
  • Managing pressures from family members and loved ones for you to give them money or other gifts
  • Protecting your emotional safety from negative messages about being old
  • Dealing with negative reactions when you ask for help

What educational resources are available for teaching safety skills to seniors?

All of the materials for adults in our online resource library are also relevant for elderly people.

Our article: People Safety Skills for Seniors describes challenges to personal safety faced by many people as they age and how we practice skills in our Seniorpower workshops. (Free resource library membership available.)

What workshops are available for seniors?

Because our regular workshops for adults can work well for people with a wide range of abilities and ages, seniors often participate as students in our Fullpower programs for adults.

However, we also provide workshops through organizations serving elderly people such as Foster Grandparents, senior centers, adult day health care facilities, and mobile home parks. These workshops can include 1-2 Introductory Personal Safety Workshops and 3-4-hour Full-Force Self-Defense Workshops with the head-to-toe padded instructor. We also train professionals working with elderly people to integrate our program into their activities.

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