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Bullying Radio Interview with Kidpower California Program Director Erika Leonard and Youth Broadcast Journalism's Corey Mason

A little fun in the studio before our Bullying Prevention radio interview. From left: Kidpower California Program Director Erika Leonard and Youth Broadcast Journalism’s Corey Mason.

We’re pleased to share this recording of my radio interview about bullying prevention conducted by high school seniors in the Youth Broadcast Journalism program at El Cerrito High School, run by inspiring teacher and radio personality Corey Mason.

Students in Youth Broadcast Journalism are responsible for identifying a social cause or artistic endeavor that is meaningful to them; identifying an expert open to be interviewed about that topic; and then preparing, conducting, and producing the 30-minute interview, which is broadcast and streamed live.

With skill, compassion, and contagious enthusiasm, Corey guides them every step of the way in this unique ‘learning-by-doing’ opportunity.

Isabel, a student you’ll hear in the interview, chose to target the social cause of bullying prevention and, with Corey’s guidance, reached out to Kidpower.  On October 27, I went to the school first to address the full Youth Broadcast Journalism class about Kidpower’s mission and approach and then to participate in the interview, conducted in a full recording studio attached to the classroom and visible from the class through a large window.

Corey supported the interviewing and producing team to get them started in the studio, and once the interview was live, he left the studio. He and the remaining students could see the interview happening and could hear the broadcast streaming into the classroom. Corey taught the class throughout, identifying key learning points about interviewing and about broadcasting as they were happening – and talking about the issues.

Kidpower has had the pleasure of serving the West Contra Costa School District – which includes El Cerrito High – for almost two decades, but this experience stands out as a particularly special one for me. The opportunity to share Kidpower while also participating in a uniquely engaging, interactive learning experience for high school students has been a highlight for me!

Enjoy! (Program starts after music at 1:01 minutes)


Check out our Kidpower’s Bullying & Harassment Prevention Solutions page more information about how to learn and teach personal safety skills and positive communication strategies for kids, teens, and adults!

For more information about Kidpower’s resources for teaching these People Safety Skills and concepts, please visit our online Library (free community membership) and our RelationSafe™ Bookstore.



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Published: November 2, 2016   |   Last Updated: November 2, 2016

Erika Leonard manages our California center, trains and mentors instructors, and is a Kidpower Senior Program Leader.