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Safety on the Way to School Guidelines from Kidpower

Use Kidpower’s one-page parent checklist to learn how to prepare kids to be ready to make safe choices and get help while on their way to and from school, or anywhere else that they are allowed to go on their own.

Creating Positive Social Climates to Stop Bullying: Kidpower Tools for Adult Leaders

Our physical and social climates impact our quality of life and can determine whether or not harmful behaviors such as bullying will be allowed to grow. As leaders responsible for the well-being of others, particularly young people, we have significant power to affect the social climate. Whether or not we are aware of our power and its impact, it makes a tremendous difference in whether our kids are learning, playing, and living in positive social climates or negative ones.

Most People Are GOOD! A Kidpower Life Lesson for All of Us

At Kidpower, we believe most people are GOOD! Yes, some people act unsafely. We don’t need to worry because we can keep ourselves safe most of the time if we know what to do

What to Do If A Child Reports Possible Abuse, Bullying, Harassment, or Anything Else That Bothers Them

We often get asked by caring adults, “What do I do if a child comes to me for help?” These seven steps will help you be effective at helping children if they come to you with a problem.

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