Category: Safety During Holidays

Summer Safety: Recording & Recap of our “Turning Problems into Practices” Coaching Call

A recap and recording of Kidpower’s “Summer Safety” Coaching call, held June 1, 2015. Read a summary transcript with links to all of the recommended resources and listen to a recording of the call. Parents and professionals called in to talk with Irene van der Zande who helped turn their concerns about safety for kids in summer camp, recreation and travel situations into step-by-step practices to help kids build confidence and skills for taking charge of their own well-being.

Holiday Family Safety Plan for Going Out in Public

These tips help to prevent meltdowns, accidents, arguments, and getting lost when going out in public – resulting in more fun and less stress.

How to Make Family Gatherings Great Instead of Awful

Some families are easy. Everyone finds it easy to get along, easy to have fun doing things together, and easy to work out problems. Unfortunately, I don’t know any families like that, but theoretically, they must exist. A family gathering or reunion might be with your family of origin – or it might be with […]

Summer Safety: Kidpower Tips for Families

Ah, summer! Time for many families to explore, relax, and try out new activities in different places with new people. Vacations, camps, overnights, outings to amusement parks, or increased “home alone” time can be wonderful experiences, and they can all be more enjoyable when children have basic safety skills – skills they can build on […]

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