Category: Special Needs and Disabilities

Managing Wandering for People With Autism

The following article provides suggestions for parents from both Kidpower and Autism Speaks about how to protect their children with autism who are prone to wander or to suddenly put themselves in harm’s way.  Most parents can empathize with the rush of terror that one feels for any threat to their child’s safety. This anxiety […]

Want to be a Kidpower Instructor? Apply now for January 2013 Training

Have you been thinking about learning to teach Kidpower? Now is the time to let us know! Our annual Kidpower Comprehensive Program Training, which is an essential part of the process of becoming certified to teach our program, will take place January 24th-29th, 2013 in Santa Cruz, California. We will accept applications until November 15 OR until […]

Kidpower Safety Signals for Everyone, Everywhere

Kidpower Safety Signals define core personal safety skills and concepts through simple gestures, graphics, and explanations, making them easy to learn, remember, and use, especially for people with limited speech and young children.

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