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Since Kidpower was established in 1989, we have been committed to keeping people’s personal information private and to respecting their wishes about use of their information. Of course, the growth of the Internet has brought new challenges to protecting online privacy as well as new opportunities for sharing important resources – and we have been […]

Stay Connected With Your Teen’s Electronic Worlds – In Memory of Audrie Pott, Age 15

15-year-old Audrie Potts from Saratoga, California, took her life after expressing her despair online about being sexually assaulted and cyberbullied. Her parents only found these messages when searching for reasons after her death. According to some estimates, teens spend half their lives online. These electronic worlds are too dangerous for our kids to live in without the knowledge and guidance of the adults who love them.

Too many times, adults don’t discover online messages about cyberbullying, parties with heavy drinking, or warning signs of despair or violence until after something terrible has happened, when the opportunity to take protective action is gone.