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Empowering Every Person’s Well Being – Reach West Radio Show Interview About Kidpower

This interview on Kevin Grossman’s Reach West Radio Show with Kidpower Founder Irene van der Zande describes Kidpower’s “effective stretch” in seeking to empower the well being of every person on our planet – while keeping our quality high as we grow.

Summer Safety Resources

Taking trips, going to camp, or spending more time on their own in the neighborhood can be great for kids in the summer. But changing routines and going to new places can also present new risks. Here are some resources providing simple steps parents can take and safety skills they can teach their kids before summer camp and recreational activities start, in ways that are fun and age-appropriate rather than scary.

Poelleke Power! – Kidpower Lessons from a Chicken

“SQUAWK! SQAWK!” One afternoon last week, Poelleke, an Ameraucana hen who faithfully lays an egg a day, suddenly sounded the alarm by raising a ruckus. Her humans came running out of their house to see a bobcat that had climbed inside their six-foot wire fence, stalking Poelleke and the nine younger hens.

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