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“What If Someone Starts Shooting Kids At My School?” – A Heartbreaking Question No Child Should Ever Have To Ask

Every time a school shooting occurs, parents, teachers, and other caring adults want to know what to say to their children. Our job is to provide reassuring, truthful information in an age-appropriate fashion without putting upsetting images in our children’s heads that don’t need to be there. Here how to protect children’s emotional safety right now as we are figuring out how to take action to prevent tragedies like this in the future.

Advice to Parents About Newtown Tragedy: Four Actions to Protect Kids’ Emotional Safety

As news keeps unfolding about the Sandy Hook school tragedy, children might hear new scary details and their anxiety might grow. Check in with your kids today. As sad as we all are, here are four actions parents can take today to protect their kids from trauma and empower them in the face of violence.

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