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Pokémon GO: Plan for Safety, Plan for Fun!

If your family plans to play Pokémon GO, Kidpower recommends that you take these simple steps to be safe and have more fun: Recognize the possible safety problems Practice skills, make decisions, and set boundaries that can prevent or avoid problems Make Safety Plans that include skills, boundaries, and agreements Stay in communication and have […]

After an Attempted Abduction – Guidance for adults on what to say and do to keep kids safe!

Reports of attempted abductions can strike terror into the hearts of parents and other caring adults. Instead, of worrying, review and practice these Kidpower Safety Strategies with your children.

Viral video of Mom teaching her daughter to say “NO!” makes us smile: Kidpower skills can help make us even safer

We want the family in the “Mother Teaches Daughter About Stranger Danger video to also learn the Kidpower skills of Stay Together, Move Away, and Check First – and how to teach children about Stranger Safety instead of Stranger Danger.

Possible Abduction Attempt Shows Importance of Teaching Safety Skills to Kids

The announcement below from a principal to her school community last week shows the importance of the kinds of skills that Kidpower teaches including Stay Aware, Think First, Move Away, and Get Help. The fact that the first girl was almost tricked into going to this man’s car is an urgent reminder that all kids […]

Protect Your Child From Abduction: Safety Checklist to Prepare Kids to Go Without Adult Protection

Make sure your kids are prepared to avoid and escape from danger on the way to school, a friend’s house, the store, or anytime they go out without adult protection. Download a free one-page “Kidpower Safety Checklist for Parents” about how to prepare kids and assess to ensure they are ready to recognize potential danger and make safe choices immediately.

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