Resources for Child Protection, Adult Leadership and Teaching Skills to Young People Join our International Child Protection Advocacy Movement

Posters for International Child Protection Month & Advocacy All Year
Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Vietnamese, Romanian, Chinese, Swedish, and Arabic

Safety Tips Handouts (1-page PDFs)

Featured Articles about Adult Leadership for Child Protection and Empowerment from Kidpower:

Read more: Hundreds of articles, podcasts and videos are available in Kidpower’s free online library about child protection and personal safety skills education.

Organizational Child Protection Policy Templates and Resources

Bullying Prevention

Youth Sports

Professional Development Training:

Child Protection Advocates Training Institute

Kidpower’s Child Protection Advocates Training Institute offers a unique opportunity for adults to learn to use Kidpower’s prevention, advocacy, intervention, and personal safety strategies and skills to take charge of the safety and well-being of the children and teens in their personal and professional lives.

  • Our Summer Institutes in California have had participants from around the world! Register now for our Summer Institute in August, 2018. If that’s too far away, contact Kidpower to inquire about organizing a child safety leadership training for your organization or members of your community!

Kidpower Instructor Certification and Core Program Training Programs

  • Kidpower Core Program and Instructor Training – We are now accepting applications for our next annual Kidpower Core Program Training: How to Use the Positive Practice Method to Teach People Safety Skills to Children and Their Adults will be January, 2019.
  • We are accepting applications NOW for our next Fullpower/Teenpower Core Program Training for Teaching Teens and Adults will be October, 2018. This program is primarily for people who want to become certified as Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International instructors and also for people who want to audit the program to use in their personal and professional lives without becoming certified.


“Turning Problems into Practices” Free Coaching Conference Call

Kidpower’s founder and executive director, Irene van der Zande, will facilitate a 1-hour free coaching conference call,  about the Seven Kidpower Strategies for Keeping Our Kids Safe. Irene will field live individual questions about building confidence and using intuition to make safe choices. This service is modeled from the countless times that Irene has offered organizations and people, who care deeply about children and keeping them safe, an opportunity to learn how to turn their specific concerns and problems into practices that build skills for safety. Check out the schedule and this special Free call – online registration required to attend.

Starting in October, Kidpower will hold monthly Coaching Conference calls for professional members of the Kidpower Resource Library. Sign up to Join and enjoy access to hundreds of Kidpower resources online, training and coaching discounts, as well as these calls.

(Special Offer – Kidpower is offering free one-year professional membership if you create a video or photo of you sharing the Kidpower Protection Promise and post it publicly on your social media or website to inspire other caring adults this September. Send us a link to your post and we’ll send you instructions to redeem your free one-year professional membership.)


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