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Video: Why did you train with Kidpower? Voices of Instructor candidates.

We are now accepting applications for our annual Kidpower Core Program Training: How to Use the Positive Practice Method to Teach People Safety Skills to Children and Their Adults — January, 2017

This program is primarily for people who want to become certified as Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International instructors and also for people who want to audit the program to use in their personal and professional lives without becoming certified.

We are always looking for people who are interested in joining our organization! Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International instructors and center directors come from all communities and walks of life.

We encourage people to apply as soon as they are ready. After successfully completing our application process, candidates for our certified instructor training program will have coaching and guidance in learning to organize and teach workshops in their community. As part of this process, they will need to come to the six-day Core Program Training. Follow these steps to learn more and apply:

1. If you are in California, read more about our Instructor Training Programs and how to apply. Then contact us in the Central Office. All instructors in California work under the auspices of the California Regional Center.

2. If you are not in California, check our locations to see if we have a Center near you.

3. If there is no Center serving your community, you will either need to start a Kidpower Center or work under the auspices of a Kidpower Authorized Agency Provider. Please read about Center Development and also about Instructor Training and how to Apply.  After you have read through this information, please contact us at to learn more about starting a new center or about establishing an Authorized Agency Provider Agreement.

4. If there is a Center near you, please read about Instructor Training and how to Apply.  Then contact your local Center Director to find out about the logistics of joining their existing Center.  Refer to our US & International Locations page to find your local Center Director contact.

5. If you would like to learn how to teach Kidpower skills but not to become a certified instructor, please contact us in the Central Office.


“I love being a Kidpower instructor because I can make an enormous impact on someone’s life in a few short hours.”


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