Christianah Fate Foundation

The Christianah Fate Foundation, a nonprofit based in Lagos, Nigeria, is dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse. CFF educates children, parents and guardians on preventive measures through seminars, talk shows, church programs, publications, stage plays, and multimedia.

CFF’s It Shouldn’t Hurt to Be a Child Community Project provides workshops to local communities to educate parents on issues surrounding child sexual abuse.

Our organization teaches workshops to children, parents, and teachers called, ‘It Shouldn’t Hurt to Be a Child!’ The Kidpower training I received was extremely valuable in preparing me to add the very positive practice of skills to the awareness and understanding that our program provides. Irene and the Kidpower team’s joyful and knowledgable approach makes learning inspiring, relevant, and even fun, despite the seriousness of the issues we face. I look forward to continuing to partner with Kidpower to bring its important services to our country.” — Christianah Akindole, Founder of the Christianah Fate Foundation, after attending the Kidpower Skills for Child Protection Advocates Training Institute.

CFF is committed to sharing Kidpower safety tips, posters, and other free online resources with staff, volunteers, and the schools and groups they serve during International Child Protection Month and the rest of the year.