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Instructor Training Applications Now Being Accepted – Start Your Pre-Training Right Away

Instructor Candidates begin teaching using the Kidpower Teaching Kits

You do not need to be an athlete or a teacher or to have lots of extra time in your life to be able to train with us as an instructor. You do need to have a passion for empowering people to take charge of their emotional and physical safety, high integrity, and reasonable health. There are very few things you can teach that will have such a profound impact on someone’s life in such a short period of time.

Our Comprehensive Program gives participants an immersion into our effective upbeat system for teaching personal safety and self-defense skills. While the six-day Comprehensive Program Training is an essential part of the process of becoming a certified instructor with our organization, many candidates take the training and then work with us over a long period of time in a way that fits into their busy lives to complete their certification. Even those who are not able to complete the certification process tell us that this training program provides a huge lasting benefit that improves their daily communications with their families, friends, colleagues, students, and clients and gives them valuable People Safety tools that they can use immediately and share with others in their personal and professional lives.

Learning to teach People Safety skills effectively goes hand-in-hand with building these skills for yourself. As a result, our Comprehensive Program Training is a personal growth opportunity unlike any other you will find.

Benefits include:

* Opportunities to learn, practice, and present skills for preventing bullying, violence, and abuse in a way that’s upbeat and powerful. This is our organization’s hallmark skill set. Our reputation grows from our ability to teach these skills quickly and effectively while building confidence without using fear as a motivator. These skills are adaptable for different ages, abilities, and life situations.

* Extensive practice of boundary-setting skills in a variety of different contexts. Many disagreements in schools, homes, organizations, and businesses are rooted in boundary situations. Boundary setting skills have the potential to strengthen important relationships of all kinds in addition to helping people stay safe from abuse. The ability to set boundaries clearly and respectfully is an important part of teaching others to set boundaries.

* Expert coaching in our Positive Practice Methodology. Our Positive Practice Methodology is a system of building skills step-by-step with in-the-moment coaching so that our students are immediately successful. To be able to use skills effectively, people benefit tremendously from having the opportunity to actually practice those skills in situations that are relevant to their lives.

* Interactive public speaking opportunities with supportive coaching. Experiential teaching is distinctly different from lecture-style presenting. The success of our programs relies on instructors with the skill to engage, inspire, educate, and interact with their audience all at once. Presenters with this skill can integrate it into all their speaking opportunities for more dynamic and effective presentations.

* Guidance in using our Teaching Tools to strengthen your own teaching in any context. Our Teaching Tools are specific ways of presenting, practicing, adapting, and leading that make our services life-changing, emotionally and physically safe, hands-on, and exciting. You can incorporate these tools right away into your life and your work.

* Learning by doing, every step of the way. Our programs are effective because we don’t focus on talking about doing — we focus on doing. You will be an active participant experiencing all we’ve described here. As a result, you’ll have a supported opportunity not just to imagine but actually to experience yourself projecting strong, confident leadership as a teacher and presenter.

For more information, see our Training Program Description.