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+502.41018479 or +502.52160789

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Kidpower Guatemala was established in 2014 by Psychologist Eva Mansilla and Roxanna Marroquin and brings safety education to children and their caregivers in Guatemala. This center has grown into a team of 3 instructors teaching community workshops almost twice a month! Their registrations stemmed almost exclusively from their Kidpower Guatemala Facebook page. Kidpower Guatemala is currently working towards growing their relationships with local schools as a prevention education resource.

Contact Info:
+502.41018479 or +502.52160789



  • Over 20 public parent-child workshops, approximately 1 or 2 per month for different ages
  • Over 400 people of all ages served!
  • 2 private Schools & 1 Intellego School: Over 800 students and staff!
  • We have had a large scale outreach effort to local schools to let them know about Kidpower. Even thought these efforts did not directly lead to Kidpower services being provided to these schools, Kidpower’s outreach efforts served an educational purpose in the importance of safety. Many of the schools became motivated, after this outreach, to provide their own in-house prevention education to their students.



My 11 year old daughter received it and I highly recommend it. Thank you Kidpower Guatemala for what you teach!

It is an excellent workshop as the subjects presented are extremely important and we do not always get to talk about them with our children. I congratulate Kidpower Guatemala for being at the service of the safety of children and adolescents.

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