Category: Bullying Prevention

Resources to Protect Children and Teens From Bullying Through Awareness, Knowledge, and Skills

Over the years, thousands of upset worried parents have reached out to Kidpower for help, saying, “My child is miserable because of bullying. What should we do?” Many of the following resources were inspired by our response to this urgent question. To prevent and stop bullying, we need awareness so we know what is happening […]

Great book for preteen girls includes Kidpower skills to cope with bullying

Recently, I had the joy of watching twelve empowered girls ages 6-11 perform a play that they had all contributed to creating. As part of the play, they used their Kidpower skills to say “Stop” to a corporation that was trying to convince them they needed toxic and expensive beauty products to be happy. Allison […]

Speaking Up About Putdowns

Don’t know what to say when someone makes a hurtful remark? Here are some words to say – and how to persist in the face of defensive reactions- in speaking up about putdowns towards yourself and others.

Proclamation, Action Plan, and Policies To Create a United Front Against Bullying

As adults, we are responsible for taking a strong stand against bullying, harassment, abuse, and other kinds of emotional and physical violence in any place where we leave our kids. Successful anti-bullying programs require sustained commitment and leadership. We encourage you to use this samples to create or further develop your own proclamation, action plan, and policies to work towards creating cultures of caring, respect, and safety in your family, school, and youth organization.

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