Category: Self-Protection in Assault

What About Weapons? – How do I protect myself?

Weapons increase the danger of an attack, and we can still protect ourselves most of the time.

CollegePower for Students – Take Charge of Your Own Safety!

At any stage of life, changing where you are, whom you are with, and what you are doing can bring wonderful adventures – and these changes can also make you more vulnerable to having problems. As a college student, you are statistically more likely to be vulnerable to having problems during the first few weeks of your first year at college, so this is a time to proceed with extra caution.

Combating Street Harassment

Like most women and some men, I am a veteran of street harassment. About 40 years ago, I was in my twenties traveling through Europe on my own, wearing a tie-dyed tee shirt and ragged blue jeans, treating the whole world as my friend. Although I mostly had a wonderful time, my trust was dampened […]

Road Rage – Five Tips for Staying Safe!

Simple, practical strategies for protecting yourself from Road Rage.

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