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Empowering Every Person’s Well Being – Reach West Radio Show Interview About Kidpower

This interview on Kevin Grossman’s Reach West Radio Show with Kidpower Founder Irene van der Zande describes Kidpower’s “effective stretch” in seeking to empower the well being of every person on our planet – while keeping our quality high as we grow.

Thank you to Soquel 4-H Club for supporting Kidpower!

One of my most heartwarming moments of this past month was thanks to the 4-H Club of Soquel, a small town near where I live. The children and youth had chosen Kidpower as their service project and decided to create a charitable coin-toss booth at the Santa Cruz County fair. These enthusiastic young people built […]

October is Bullying Awareness Month – Kidpower Resources for Positive Peer Communication

The reason we call our programs Positive Peer Communication, is because our approach is to teach the skills we want young people and adults to build for respectful self-advocacy, boundary setting, and effectively getting help. These skills do help to prevent bullying and harassment — and even more importantly: they are the same skills that help everyone to build positive, healthy relationships and a culture of safety and respect in their families, schools, communities, and workplaces.

New Kidpower Protection Promise Posters for International Child Protection Month this September

Last September, I made the Kidpower Protection Promise to many young friends as part of my personal commitment to our first International Child Protection Month. I took the hands of one six-year-old, who we’ll call Molly, and started, “You are VERY important to me!.” “I know that,”  Molly nodded and smiled. “And if you have a […]

How to Recognize and Stop Workplace Bullying and Harassment

I had the honor of being a guest with TalentCulture’s #TChat program and wanted to share with you these video and radio interviews. TalentCulture is an online community of Human Resource professionals that has over 78,000 followers on Twitter! ——— Watch Irene’s video pre-interview with TalentCulture’s #TChat Co-Host Kevin W. Grossman >>> & Listen to […]

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