Kidpower Curriculum & Lesson Plans

Kidpower’s many curriculum and lesson plan publications provide educators, youth organization leaders, and child safety advocates with step-by-step, cartoon illustrated lessons for teaching Kidpower’s People Safety skills and strategies to children, teens, and adults. Many schools, youth-serving organizations, health professionals, and community organizations use Kidpower curriculum to provide strengths-based, positive-practices, programing to prevent bullying, sexual abuse, assault, harassment, and other violence – while empowering young people to take charge of their safety and well-being and build healthy relationships.

The Kidpower Teaching Books Series for Classrooms and Youth Groups

Kidpower's 6 Curriculum Teaching Books (image)

The six new books in our Kidpower Teaching Book series make it easy and fun for educators, parents, and other adult leaders to use our “People Safety” curriculum with children and youth in their classrooms, youth programs, and families.

Kidpower’s 15 People Safety Group Lessons
Teaching children ages 5 to 14 to be safe with people

In the book, you will find cartoon-illustrated lessons with instructions about how to introduce concepts and practice skills. The purpose is to prepare children to take charge of their emotional and physical safety with peers, familiar adults, acquaintances, and strangers.

kidpower-10-assignments-book-cover-082016Kidpower’s 10 People Safety Assignments
(English and Spanish/English Bilingual Editions)

This book includes 10 short cartoon-illustrated assignments that can be used in a classroom, youth group, or taken home to family to introduce and reinforce these Kidpower “People Safety” Skills. Limited license to copy assignments as take-home for students is included in the book purchase.

Child Protection Advocates WorkbookKidpower’s Skills for Child Protection Advocates Institute Workbook

Protect young people from bullying, violence, and abuse through Kidpower’s  intervention, advocacy, and personal safety skills for professionals, parents, volunteers, and other caring adults. This textbook for Kidpower’s Child Protection Advocates Training Institute provides tools for protecting children and teens from harm and for empowering them to take charge of their own safety and well-being.

For more information about Kidpower’s resources for teaching People Safety Skills and concepts, please visit our online Library and our RelationSafe™ Bookstore.