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Our podcast is designed for adults but is just fine for kids of any age to hear. It's sparked many interesting conversations between adults and kids in families and schools everywhere. We hope you'll enjoy them, too! You can listen to any episode through your computer's speakers just by clicking "Listen" -- no MP3 player or special software needed. If you'd like to download them and aren't sure how, read our step-by-step directions for downloading using iTunes or Juice.

Your Internal Safety Alarm (4:47)

This episode talks about how to use your “Internal Safety Alarm,” one of the best tools for noticing, preventing, or dealing with possible problems early, before they grow between friends, family members, and others. Understanding this tool supports better school experiences, too!

Think Before Sneaking Up (3:57)

Many kids, teens, and adults enjoy sneaking up on others and surprising them, maybe by jumping out from behind a door or by creeping up behind a friend or a family member very quietly. Usually, they do this to have fun, but a lot of the time it starts problems instead.

Earphones and Awareness (3:35)

How do you decide when to use your earphones? Adults get to choose for themselves, and children get to choose within the boundaries their adults give. The truth is, wearing earphones can interfere with awareness, so Thinking First about where you are, what you are doing, and what possible problems might come up helps you figure out the best choice for you in different situations.

Different Ways to Play (6:23)

Welcome to the People Safety Podcast from Kidpower, teaching advocacy, boundary setting, and other personal safety skills for building happier lives and stronger relationships! I’m Erika Leonard with another Kidpower People Safety Tip.

Gift of Kidpower (6:19)

By using our power and equipping others to do the same, we have the potential to change the future of violence and abuse, one person at a time, not by eliminating the possibility of it but by strengthening our ability to take action in the face of it.

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