Here are stories from people taking action to make young people safer with Kidpower since we launched our campaign July 1, 2011 – from every continent except Antarctica!

Thank you for permission to print the Kidpower bullying articles for all of the parents and teachers in our school. Your very practical information greatly strengthened our school safety programs. Count me in for 468 safer kids!

– School Principal

I distributed your Safety Tips in the service club newsletter for our state, reaching over 500 community leaders.

– Club President

The Kidpower Skill-A-Day activities make it easy to see how I can help my toddler and my five-year-old grow safe and strong. They’re going to need me to keep them safe for a long time, but just by using clear and consistent language — we say “Check First” and “Be Aware” a lot! — I’m helping them build skills to take care of their safety and well-being. I felt good when I saw my little one make a fence with his hands and say “Stop” calmly and clearly to another toddler trying to take his toy at the park. I taught him how to do that!

– Parent of young children

My students and I practice and use our Kidpower skills in class, at recess, at home, and in our community on a daily basis. Kidpower skills also reinforce our school’s conflict resolution programs. Students and teachers together are building an atmosphere where kids feel safer from bullying.

– Second grade public school teacher

Our staff is enthusiastic about using the Kidpower’s Fullpower Teaching Kits to teach safety in our program for teens and young adults with cognitive disabilities. Our director is arranging weekly practice sessions for staff and students to practice the skills together. More importantly, the students themselves let us know they like the program, and we can see their skills growing!

– Executive Director of a nonprofit NGO serving youth with disabilities

The Kidpower approach is giving me a practical way to help my two teenagers build skills to get around the city safely on their own. Because we’re actually reading the articles and practicing the skills, I see and hear what they can do. I worry less, and they show more confidence. I know this keeps them safer on the bus, the subway, and the sidewalk.

– Parent of teens

I was researching on the Internet last week for information on boundaries for Teens and found your web address. I was impressed by the format of the information as it was given in easily understandable principles. The impact sentences are simple and brilliant because they make the information accessible to teens. The other information I read was more global in perspective and used conceptual information that did not directly relate to experience. So the message was lost in the message, so to speak. Your message comes across loud and clear. Thank you for your great work!

– Counselor of a program teaching teens to help other teens with addictions

The fact that your information is so practical and immediately useable is makes it attractive. I am using your Safety Signs with teens and young adults with cognitive delays to help them practice how to stay safe with their friends and family, at school, and in their community.

– Transition program teacher

I made a presentation demonstrating Kidpower skills and sharing articles at a conference with 134 parents and educators responsible for the care of about 1200 young people.

– PE Teacher and Kidpower Instructor

I used the concept of safety rules to make sure my kids and their friends are safe when playing on a trampoline. I also used my own boundary setting skills to speak up with neighbor who lets his large and scary dog play in the front yard without a leash. I also referenced the Kidpower Bullying book to have a talk with my children, other parents and a teacher about cyber bullying.

– Parent of two boys and Kidpower Board member

After a man flashed a middle school girl walking past our elementary school, I used my Kidpower knowledge to talk with the principal and counselor about safety education language that was used on a TV announcement that went to the whole school, as well as wording that went out in a letter to all family members.

– Parent of a girl and a boy, Kidpower instructor ,and Safe Routes to School Coordinator

I used your Bullying book to address issues in our Girl Scout Troop.

– Mother and Girl Scout Leader

I cannot enumerate the ways that I use and discuss Kidpower daily. Both in my work with children and families in a number of professional settings, and just as an active member of several communities, I am constantly incorporating Kidpower principles and techniques into daily life. I refer people to the website on a daily basis, whether it is just friend with children or who work with children, teachers I meet… anyone who has kids in their life, which really is most people.

– Nanny, tutor, and Kidpower instructor

I regularly suggest Kidpower techniques to my kids to solve problems, who teach them to other kids.

– Parent of 2 and martial arts teacher