One Million Safer Kids

One Million Safer Kids … begins with ONE.

One child, one parent, one skill, one teacher, one school, one article, one book, one idea, one gift… one moment when YOU:

Build Awareness…

After 24 years of providing safety education through Kidpower, we’ve seen again and again how a few simple skills can stop most attempts of bullying, abuse, kidnapping, and other violence. Violence Against Young People — All Kinds and Too Much

Share Knowledge…

Help share our Safety Resources to that parents, teachers, and other caring adults can gain practical knowledge about bullying prevention, abuse prevention, and stranger awareness.

Teach Skills…

Kidpower’s Positive Practice Method and exceptional curriculum prepare young people to develop confidence, create healthy relationships, and protect themselves from most bullying, abuse, abduction, and other violence. Join our Count Me In community for easy updates on what to do and how to do it to make kids safer and success stories about what others are doing.

Since 1989, Kidpower has brought skills to prevent most bullying, abuse, abduction, and other violence to more than 4 million people. Kidpower’s One Million Safer Kids Campaign, launched July 1, 2011, will do exactly what it says: one million kids will be safer as a result of what we do together. We’re half way to our goal and we hope you will join us!

To begin, start with one….

The One Million Safer Kids Campaign is happening one-by-one in classrooms, parks, playgrounds, and living rooms every day in communities around the world as Kidpower staff, board members, and volunteers as well as parents, educators, and community leaders take simple steps to create access to age-appropriate safety skills and information.

By teaching one child one skill, sharing one article with one parent, arranging one workshop for one scout troop, or giving one donation to bring skills to a child in need, one adult makes a lifetime of difference to the young people made safer as a result.

No one is in a better position than you are to make the kids in your home, neighborhood, or community part of One Million Safer Kids. Read these testimonials to see how people have used Kidpower in their lives to make a difference.

A world with One Million Safer Kids is also a better world for all of us, not just the million we help directly. It’s a world with more joyful playgrounds, classrooms, and neighborhoods. It’s a world with safer interactions between children and strangers in parks, farmers markets, and other public places. It’s a world with more relationships strengthened by strong boundary setting skills. It’s a world with less trauma and injury. It’s a world with one million young people using and strengthening advocacy skills to help themselves and others — skills they can develop and use for decades to come not just in school but in relationships, in work, in play, in politics, and in parenting others. The potential ripple effect of One Million Safer Kids is both staggering and achievable.

What Can YOU Do to Help Create a World with One Million Safer Kids?

  • Teach a child a safety skill. Our Skill-A-Day Challenge makes this easy to do for 30 days, so start with #1 and you’ll already be making a difference!
  • Share information with someone who can use it to keep a child safer. Our Safety Tips can be posted on school and group websites. The KIdpower library has 100+ free articles. Share them with a parent, at eacher, an educator, a coach…
  • Learn more, then show others what you learned. Subscribe to the Kidpower e-newsletter, read an article or one of our books, or take a personal safety workshop for yourself.
  • Arrange a workshop for parents, families, or teens. Contact a Kidpower center near you or email us and we’ll put you in touch with the center closest to you.
  • Speak up at your service club. Rotarians, Lions, and other service club members are among the most skilled folks we’ve met when it comes to spreading information and creating opportunities. Talk with them about what’s possible.
  • Give a book to a school, a library, a friend, a teacher…You can buy a book and give it as a gift, or you can donate the cost of a book and we’ll be sure a family or school/agency unable to afford it gets The Kidpower Book or Bullying – What Adults Need to Know and Do to Keep Kids Safe or age-appropriate Safety Comics
  • Give a donation that will go to work right away to help kids be safer.