International Child Protection Month

Learn how we can all help kids be safe in today’s troubled world.
4 important steps for you to quickly make a difference in children’s lives!

For International Child Protection Month this September, we are sharing weekly selected lessons and stories from the new book about protecting child safety at all levels of society, Doing Right by Our Kids. Called “a field guide to the practice of courage,” by New York Times bestselling author, Dan Heath, the book features Kidpower’s safety skills for child advocacy for parents, educators, organizations, and government.

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the challenges our kids might face and the scary stories all around us … This book is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to help the kids in their lives keep themselves safe and move confidently through childhood and adolescence into adulthood.” – A.D. , Mother, California

Selected Lessons and Stories from Doing Right by Our Kids

For International Child Protection Month this September, we are sharing weekly selected lessons and stories from the new book about protecting child safety at all levels of society, Doing Right by Our Kids:

Sept. 19 - "How can I keep my baby safe?"

Recently, I was chatting with “Chad” – a normally light-hearted friend of mine who is a new father. Cuddling his baby daughter protectively, in a worried voice Chad asked, “I hear about so many terrible things happening to kids from their teachers, family friends, priests… people we’re supposed to be able to trust. Who can I trust? What can I do to keep my baby safe?

Every year, Kidpower teaches workshops and provides educational resources for tens of thousands of worried parents and other caring adults who urgently want to know the answers.

Our newest book, Doing Right by Our Kids: Protecting Child Safety at All Levels, was written to help address these compelling questions. This week, we are sharing some valuable lessons from the chapter, Creating Safety Within the Inner Circle: Family, Friends, Neighbors, Babysitters:

“Any time we leave someone alone with our child, it’s a high-stakes situation until that child is capable enough to recognize a safety problem, set boundaries, and get help. In this chapter, we explore how to recognize and prevent trouble with people in this Inner Circle around our children and teens…” — Read more in our blog post about 5 “red flag” behaviors >>

Sept. 12 - "Help! My child is being steamrollered by the system!"

Don’t Let Rules “Steamroll” Over Kids

Kidpower, HELP! My child has just been suspended for kicking another kid who kept pulling their long hair. Even though we have asked the school for months to stop other students from bullying our child, this school has a zero-tolerance policy that is being mindlessly followed, and does nothing to address the problem. I feel as if my child is being steamrollered by the system, from a mother in Toronto. This is a common concern we hear from upset parents all over the world.

Zero-tolerance policies such as automatically suspending a child for hitting, even in self-defense, can backfire in damaging ways.

This week we want to share an inspiring example from our new book, Doing Right by Our Kids, about how even one adult leader can change the “steamroller” effect of a system acting automatically and unfairly into one of compassion and effective action.

“When 10-year-old “Chloé” was in the 5th grade, her school principal used good judgment about…” Read more of this story on our blog >>

Sept. 6 - Let Us Listen: A powerful message from a spiritual leader about child safety

This week we are sharing seven steps for spiritual leaders and families to keep children safe from the Spiritual Safety chapter of the new book Doing Right by Our Kids, along with a recent story from a mom who contacted Kidpower:

Two weeks ago, a small town minister stepped away from his podium and told his whole congregation of families with a great deal of passion:

“I need to say something. There is a lot of upsetting news that can be confusing for a Christian. I just want to be clear about where we stand in our church. Children should never be hurt, here or anyplace else. It is unacceptable to harm children. It is unacceptable to turn your back. If you see anything that concerns you, you must take action….”

– Read the rest of this story and our Spiritual Safety chapter excerpt on our blog about how to safeguard children while encouraging them to respect their faith.

Coming next week, we will post another weekly selected lesson and story from the new book about protecting child safety at all levels of society, Doing Right by Our Kids.

Take these 4 important steps to protect and empower our kids!

In today’s troubled times, more than ever, all children need to know that they can turn to and trust an adult for help. Will you take a few minutes to learn about and share these 4 important steps that can make a lasting difference in a child’s life?

You can join us in our goal to encourage every adult – parent, teacher, mentor, safety officer, neighbor, everyone – to make SURE that the children and teens in your life can count on you for help. We invite you to help transform the fear of bullying, violence, and abuse into a future of lifelong safety and success for today’s youth.

1. Make SURE kids KNOW you CARE!

Share and discuss the  ‘Kidpower Protection Promise’  with everyone you know, kids and adults alike:

“YOU are VERY important to me. If you have a safety problem, I want to know – even if I seem too busy, even if someone we care about will be upset, even if it is embarrassing, even if you promised not to tell, and even if you made a mistake. Please tell me, and I will do everything in my power to help you!”

2. Listen. Notice. Pay Attention.

Know what to look out for:

  • Listen when kids tell you about their problems.
    Say, “Thank you for telling me.”
  • Notice when young people or their adults seem sad, upset, or alone.
    Say, “I care.”
  • Pay attention to harmful behavior.
    Say, “That’s not safe.”
    Or, “That seems disrespectful.”
    Or, “This is against our values.”
3. Reach out. Step in. Get help.

Do something to make a difference.

  • Reach out by asking and listening.
    Say, “What’s going on? What will help make things better?”
  • When you can, step in powerfully and respectfully to stop unsafe or disrespectful behavior.
    Say, “That doesn’t look safe!”
  • Get help when you don’t know what to do.
4. Prepare kids with knowledge and skills

Empower young people to take charge of their safety and well being.

  • Tell kids often,
    “You have the right to be treated with safety and respect – and the responsibility to act safely and respectfully towards yourself and others.”
  • Teach kids how to prevent and solve problems with people. Practice with them so that they know exactly what to do.
  • Guide kids to uphold these values and use these skills in daily life.

Not sure HOW to do this? Use these free resources from Kidpower!

1. Watch the Kidpower Protection Promise Video

It takes 1 minute to watch.

Then please share it on social media to help us get the word out.

2. Free Posters You Can Download & Print

Post one or more of our colorful posters in your home, school, or office to show your commitment.

4. Free Skills and Coaching Guides

Use our illustrated Skills Guides and teach kids how to:

  • Protect themselves from hurting words
  • Stop unwanted touch
  • Stay safe in public

Use our Coaching Guides:

Kidpower Coloring Books – Available in 11 languages!

5. Share the News for a free ProMembership

Share our press release and resources for International Child Protection Advocacy Month on your social media or through your media contacts to inform and inspire others.

Then, send us a link to the public social media, website post, or news article where you shared.

We will give you FREE professional membership for one year (a 1099 $USD value) to our Kidpower Online Library with hundreds of resources.

Together, we can all make a difference in children’s lives!


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